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Foreign students wishing to apply for regular studies at the PSPBB (excluding Erasmus+ and other temporary international exchange programs) can get information click here.


Students enrolled in partner institutions can apply for temporary study exchange. Most of these exchanges are arranged through the European Erasmus + program, thanks to Inter Institutional Agreements between the PSPBB and over 50 partner institutions in Europe. For the students coming from the non-European partner institutions, application process, content of studies and academic recognition are based on the same rules as for the Erasmus+ students. Applications from non-partner institutions are also possible.

During their studies at the PSPBB foreign exchange students benefit from the same rights and rules as regular students. They remain enrolled in their home institution.

For more information, please contact Ania Sergueeva, Head of international relations.

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Duration and period

The duration of stay can be of one semester to a full academic year. The final admission is made prior to end of June. It is based on recommendations from the principal professor, the Director of study department and the Head of International relations, taking into consideration the number of places available.

Application process

Students wishing to take advantage of the exchange programs should first contact the International Exchange Coordinator in their home institution for information on internal deadlines and selection procedures.

The application must be submitted through the EASY Mobility Online platform MOBILITY-ONLINE login (aec-music.eu) prior to March 31st of the year preceding the exchange. Only applications approved by the coordinator of the sending institution will be considered. The application process is different depending on if your home institution is internal or external user of EASY MO. It consists of several steps. Therefore, we advise not to wait until the last day for starting your application.

The Study Plan must be filled in from the EASY MO platform.

Here is the link to the "General Study Rules" ("Règlement général des études") where you'll find courses tables:

pp. 19-28 for Music
p. 56 for Theatre
p. 69 for Dance (Dance Jazz)

Please note that most of PSPBB students follow classes at both University and PSPBB. You'll see in the tables which Study Units ("UE") are taught at the University and which Study Units are taught at PSPBB. Candidates in Music can only choose Study Units taught at PSPBB, excepted those in Jazz and Pop music who can chose University disciplines in case they are mandatory at their home institution.

Theatre Erasmus students must put in their Study Plan all the disciplines from the Table for the relevant semester. Dance students must contact us in case they are interested in disciplines taught at the University.

ECTS credit points are calculated for students who follow both University and PSPBB courses. We will adjust the amount of ECTS points for Erasmus students in the Learning Agreement which will be drawn up for accepted students before the arrival at PSPBB. During the academic year, we are going to suggest to the Erasmus students to participate in different cross-disciplinary projects. ECTS credit points will be added for all additional projects.

Following documents must be uploaded to the section “Documents”:

  • Cover letter in French or in English explaining why the student wants to study at the PSPBB and with which teacher (if any preference).
  • Recommendation letter from a teacher or other artistic personality
  • CV or Biography in French or in English
  • Last Transcript of Records

For composers:

  • a portfolio of compositions
  • A link to the audio or video (preferably) recordings must be uploaded. The access to the contents must not be limited in time.
  • Recording requirements: For instrumental and vocal performers: approximately 20’ recording, containing pieces in different styles. The recording is mandatory even if the student has made a live audition with the PSPBB’s teacher of his/her choice.

For Theatre candidates:

  • A filmed dialogue scene in French of 3 minutes maximum
  • A video of a free personal creative work showing the artistic interests of the candidate (not more than 3 minutes)

Theatre candidates must be prepared for an online interview.

Language requirements:

We do not require a formal language proficiency certificate. However, the recommended level of French language proficiency is B2, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR) - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) (coe.int)

The C1 level in French is required for Theatre candidates.

You can use the following self-assessment grid to evaluate your level of proficiency in French or in English.

Self-assessment grid - Table 2 (CEFR 3.3) : Common Reference levels - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) (coe.int)


The PSPBB is not able to provide accommodations for exchange students.

For assistance, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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