DNSPM Orchestra Direction

The course DNSPM Orchestra Direction relies on the strength of the two Conservatories (CRR) of Paris and Boulogne-Billancourt for technical education, and the University of Paris - Sorbonne Paris IV for theoretical teaching of general Musicology.

The DNSPM section is focused on specialized teaching by way of application sessions with the orchestra involved, plus the disciplines related to the knowledge of the work environment (workshops, internships). These lessons are supplemented by disciplines essential to the development of the necessary qualities of the conductor, as an instrumental practice or individual vocal participation of high-level in a choir and piano practice.

Among university classes, some are held at PSPBB, for example Physical and Mental Practices (PMC) and English for professional usage.

The training and workshops of “professional environment” courses are validated in the 3rd year but are followed throughout the 6 semesters.

Credits are awarded every semester based on the results of a continual grade assessment, semester exams, and after co-validation of the grades with the university. Class attendance is considered in overall evaluation.

The PSPBB's partners include the groups 2e2M and Court-circuit, music of the Gardiens de la Paix, and the National Police.

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