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Professional Environment



English for professional use remains one of the major concerns of PSPBB.

Three objectives:

  • Encourage international mobility,
  • Capable of communicating in English with professionals of various nationalities during training,
  • Promote better professional integration with employers in France and abroad (conductor, stage director, director of companies, studio recordings, etc.).

Meanwhile, fellow acting students follow a course entitled "Play in English".



The course is part of the curriculum of DNSP and is included in the bylaws of the diplomas.



All students must complete at least one internship and write at least one internship report within three years of DNSP. Each internship is under the supervision of a tutor, who is a member of the faculty.

Students of the PSPBB were welcomed by : the City of Music, Radio France, Hôpital Ambroise Paré, the CDMC, the association Word and Notes, Orchestra Dijon Bourgogne, Bernard Sabatier Luthier, La Fenice, the Lanvellec Festival, Studio Soundies, the Théâtre du Châtelet, Ensemble Galitzine, Corélia Label / the Algarade, Sacred Music Notre Dame de Paris, the musical association Arradon 5-7, IRCAM, the European Orchestra Hector Berlioz, the Prometheus orchestra, Baroque Music Centre of Versailles, the Ona House ... …



The course, which gives rise to an internship report, is optional and enters the EU 4 of the curriculum.

Students of the PSPBB were welcomed by: Théâtre du Conte Amer Prospective, the French Comedy, CENTQUATRE - PARIS Theatre Gérard Philippe Gérard Co. Sobel,…



Dance students must complete an internship in L3, in line with the teaching of "Terrain"("Land") at university.

Lessons "Terrain 1" Methodology of Fieldwork is offered in semester 5 and explores the main methodological tools, course conditions, the researcher's stance, and the different building methods of data collection, based on anthropological contextualized work.

The "Terrain 2" Fieldwork Continued is devoted to the progress of drafting an internship report, to the accompaniment of analyzing collected material, in making a reflective approach and in the development of critical thinking.

The "Terrain 3" is the internship itself and its report.

Students therefore take this course with two objectives: that of a professional integration within the framework of PSPBB and secondly that of a "researcher" as part of the university.

PSPBB students were welcomed by : Angelin Prejlocaj Co., Raza Hammadi Co., Off jazz dance company 'Gianin Loringett', the Sports and Cultural Federation of France, ..


Academies, orchestras, companies, theaters, ... in this perspective, the PSPBB has established contacts with a large network of partners.

The students' rehearsals and performances can be received for educational and communication structure.

Prior authorization is required from each student during his administrative registration.

The audiovisual service of PSPBB can deliver to each student sound and / or visual recordings of its productions when diplomas are issued at the end of the third year.

A full list of the public events who participated in training can be found in the section 'Season'.


The recitals



In partnership with the Cité de la Musique and Audiens Group, the PSPBB offers students a course to follow in a "professional environment" accompanying concerns towards professionalization in reference to the DNSP.

This course consists of several workshops which aim to give students the essential tools for entry into the workforce in the best conditions.

Some are of the order of applied work ("CV, biography, photograph," "employment contract", "self-presentation on stage", "building a project," "intermittence", etc.). Others, open to a greater number, are moments of exchange between students and industry professionals around themes such as the career of an artistic agent, the career of an arts programmer, professional risks of DNSP, etc.

These workshops are validated as part of the curriculum and are necessary at the time of issuing the diploma. If some transversal workshops are open to all students whether they are musicians, dancers, actors, others are offered as part of a single educational department addressing specific needs that concern a more targeted content.

  • Music: in partnership with the Cité de la Musique and the Audiens Group / Program 2014-2015
  • Theater: in partnership with the CNT (Centre National du Thèâtre) and French National Employment Center
  • Dance: in partnership with the CND (Centre National de la Danse) and Audiens Group.

Environnement Professionnel du PSPBB


The ESAD employability Fund was created in January 2011. This system aims to facilitate the integration of graduated actors of the PSPBB, offering them an artistic support in their professional debut.

It is a wage assistance device for theaters, CDN (Centre Dramatique National), companies, etc. that hire young actors from the PSPBB.

Terms and conditions for use of the device / form of requests for assistance / presentation of graduated actors

Since its inception in January 2011, the employability fund has already enabled thirty graduate students to be hired on 20 different shows, by the following companies: Open Theatre Company, La Mandarine Blanche, Feu Follet Company, the Lighthouse Theater company, Théâtre des Lucioles company, Collectif Masque, Studio Libre, Star Theater, La Dissipation des Brumes Matinales, the Festin company, the Astrolabe, Maelstrom, the Roland Furious company BVZK, La Jacquerie, le Point de Rupture..



The natural opening of the training received at PSPBB is the integration of a second cycle higher education (Masters level) in the same discipline in a French school (Superior National Conservatories of Paris and Lyon) or foreign (Royal College of London, HEMU of Lausanne and Geneva, New England Conservatory, Manhattan School of Music, Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Salzburg Mozarteum Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn in Estonia, University of Montreal, ...).

Some students enter professional life faster through direct integration in an orchestra or in applying for teaching positions after obtaining the State Diploma (D.E. Diplôme d'état), which is essential for certain disciplines.

Many successful results in national and international competitions confirm PSPBB in its approach.

The PSPBB also offers students the opportunity to record in a professional presentation CD placing them in different situations: solo, small group or large group. This CD eases access to competitions and also allows them to present themselves to artistic agents, concert programmers and festivals.

Finally some students rely on the training received to give a new direction totheir training program (e.g. piano to accompaniment) or with a Licence in Musicology, some may decide to pursue a CAPES in art education or a Masters in cultural mediation, management and music administration, research, etc..


Promotion 2014 - parrain : Marc Coppey
Promotion 2013 - marraine : Deborah Nemtanu
Promotion 2012 - parrain : Bertrand Chamayou
Promotion 2011 - marraine : Betsy Jolas
Promotion 2010 - parrain : Georges Prêtre


During the final year of their educational training, theater students present 2-3 performances by directors. On the occasion of these public presentations, such theater professionals are invited: talent agents, casting directors, theater managers, directors.

These same students stage personal projects worked in residence at the school during the summer months and present them to the public and to professionals at the beginning of each season.

On an individual basis, contacts with professionals are also provided by the teachers of the school.

A widely distributed booklet presents the CV and photos of young actors out of school..


Promotion 2014
Promotion 2013
Promotion 2012
Promotion 2011


The PSPBB is the first institution of higher public education of jazz dance in Europe.

This high-level technical training created in 2011, open to stage work and creation, facilitates the recruitment of graduate students in French and foreign companies.

Dance graduates can also be directed towards obtaining the Dance Teacher State Diploma of which some UVs can be validated through obtaining DNSPD or can continue their university studies in a Master's program (cultural activities, art therapy, management and administration, research).

Lastly, others have also ventured to create their own successful dance companies.


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